The system: rear-ventilated façade system (RVF)

Today, rear-ventilated façades are one of the most popular and successful façade systems. Alongside the functional safety and design scope which they offer, developers, construction companies and architects particularly appreciate the sustainability and low maintenance costs provided by this construction method.

The key feature of a RVF is the air gap/ventilated space separating the insulated external wall and the façade panel cladding (weather protection).

Sustainability / cost-effectiveness

Energy efficient façades

Offers protection against the building interior heating up in summer

Optimum indoor climate

Offers protection against cooling down and heat loss in winter

Very good vapour diffusion properties (no condensation build-up)

What is a composite panel?

The easy fiX façade panels are composite panels comprising two aluminium covering sheets and a flame-retardant mineral core, which can be simply and easily installed on façades.

The covering sheets on this special composite structure are corrosion resistant aluminium. Aluminium is an excellent lightweight construction material which, while requiring high amounts of primary energy for initial production, has a very long service life due to its excellent recyclability (100% infinitely recyclable). The core material, predominantly made up of mineral constituents, requires very little primary energy and can also be 100% recycled and fed back into the material cycle.

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