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Fast and easy processing

The new easy fiX façade kit system solution provides many advantages over existing façade systems. The panels are pre-routed and ready to mount, so installing a façade is made easy. Processing individual elements requires very little effort and is very easily achieved with existing handheld equipment. This means you can save both time and money when carrying out your project.



How do I install the façade panels?

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How do I clean an easy fiX façade?

First the installation, then the maintenance. Annual cleaning is recommended. The surfaces should be cleaned either manually using a soft brush or a pressure washer (max. 50 bar) with clear water. If necessary, a mild detergent (pH 6-7) may be added, no more than max. 10%. For details please contact your supplier. Cleaning should start from the top and work down. After cleaning, residual detergent should be removed by rinsing with clear water. We generally recommend testing the detergent on an inconspicuous part of the building to check whether the surface appearance is affected.

Do not clean surfaces heated by the sun (> 40 °C) – the quick drying process may result in an uneven finish or risk causing marks on the surface.

For information including a list of neutral cleaning agents for organically coated aluminium components or addresses of approved cleaning companies, please contact Gütegemeinschaft Reinigung von Fassaden e. V. (GRM)

Please follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and safety instructions!

Please do not use strong alkaline cleaning agents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or caustic soda, nor any strong acidic or highly abrasive cleaning agents such as household cleaning products which corrode paint.

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